Ever imagined what replacing RSS with Twitter can do to news reading?

Don’t stop with the reading – Join the conversation

See what other have to say, voice your concerns, join the conversation. Since Tociety is based on Twitter, you get to not only read the article, but also see how Twitterati react to it. You are welcome to join the conversation.

Track what you’ve read and what you haven’t

Tociety keeps a record of which artiles you’ve read and which ones you haven’t – across devices. Love a news source? Make sure you don’t miss anything that’s been put out out there on it. And when there is something new, you’ll know, too.

A reading experience deeply woven into Twitter

Tociety is like Twitter that is highly optimized for getting news that you care about fast and a reading experince that is world-class. You can see the conversation around the article, favorite or retweet the article as you are reading.

Great news sources to get you started real quick

Tociety comes with batteries included. There are great news sources on a variety of topics to get you started quickly. Your favorites missing? Not a problem! Just create Twitter lists with your sources and see when appear in your Tociety app.